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              • Technical features
              • Civil engineering parameters
              • Safety function

              Wide application

              Suitable for various villa installation occasions

              Even a small space can have our high-quality elevator


              Large utilization space

              Maximum bearing space

              The same building space can increase 30% load space for customers

              The same carrying space can reduce the building space by 30% for customers



              Product parameters


              • One click callNo longer allow customers to be trapped in the elevator due to elevator failure and unable to ask for help from the outside world

                Function introduction

                When the elevator stops running in case of failure, the one button call system will appear the emergency call interface. Passengers can select the preset caller to call for help; if the elevator stops running in case of failure for more than 6 seconds without operation, the system will automatically call the emergency contact until someone answers.

                When passengers want to call for external help in case of an accident in the elevator, they can press the one button call operating system alarm button to call for external help, and the system automatically calls the preset caller or the passenger selects the caller himself.

              • Emergency rescue in case of power failureEnsure the safety of users, and no longer let customers be trapped in the elevator due to power failure

                Function introduction

                When the elevator is running, there is a sudden power failure in the building

                Supply power to the elevator quickly

                Ensure passengers leave the elevator safely

              Function optionsEmergency operation function

              • Emergency operation function

                Hoistway self-learning Centralized selection control operation Automatic fault detection function Power grid voltage fluctuation detection function Door reopen signal open After maintenance, the elevator is not on the automatic leveling floor in the door area Automatic correction of stair position signal One touch (customer provides telephone line) Emergency rescue in case of power failure (standard configuration)

                Location and floor memory after power failure Call cancellation in reverse Automatic flat building delivery Repeat closing Automatic fault recording Parking Non stop layer setting Input interference evaluation Elevator running time protection function

              • Operation and service functions

                Automatic door opening at arrival Call and open doors in the same floor hall without direction or in the same direction Door open button Close the door in advance Automatic power saving function Floor position and elevator status display in car Flexible floor setting

                Automatic return to base station Floor position outside hall and elevator status display Open / close button (automatic door) Manual layer selection Ventilation in car (standard) Customer customization of floor display characters Mobile monitoring elevatori-nest system (optional)

              • Control and safety protection functions

                Maintenance operation Closing time protection Light curtain door protection function Emergency electric operation of car roof and control cabinet Speed feedback detection function Pit buffer Can't open outside the door area Electric brake release Pre torque output Terminal station speed change and floor number correction

                Safety loop protection Relay check protection Limit protection Upper and lower limit protection device Detection and protection of holding brake Drive equipment overheat protection Wire rope over winding protection Reverse operation protection Contactor feedback detection function Full load elevator

                Paste protection of main contactor and holding brake contactor Power failure lighting device and alarm bell Door closing blocking protection Car roof manual operation priority Door lock short circuit protection

              Home Phone Custom

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